Senior supplemental insurance is one of the highest demand insurance policies on the market because 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day electing Medicare coverage that leaves a gap called the Medigap and that is where Senior supplemental insurance kicks in it helps cover what Medicare part a and Medicare part B don’t completely cover when it comes to coverage these plans pick up say the 20% that the insurance company only paid 80% of…


Senior supplemental plans are also called Medigap plans or Medicare supplemental insurance plans and are offered by over 150 insurance companies all fighting for the consumers business, doing TV advertising and paying high commissions to insurance agents to win your business in excess of 25% of your monthly premium goes to marketing and insurance premiums and that’s why Senior supplemental is proud to announce their direct to consumer Senior supplemental insurance plan


Are online platform is peer to peer referral and social media driven so we do not have the big TV costs as well as we do not have 8000 agents out marketing to the consumers where we have to pay a 20% commission to the agent every month allowing us to provide what we believe to be the smartest Medicare supplemental insurance option on the planet


Because we are able to do direct to consumer Medigap or direct to consumer Medicare supplemental insurance we can pass that savings on to the consumer over the life of the policy which will show up in lower monthly premiums as well as lower increases over the time you own your policy making your total out-of-pocket expense for a consumer direct senior supplemental or a consumer direct Medigap plan significantly less by leveraging the senior supplemental platform